Volunteers Needed

We are always in need of fresh and new faces.  There is a ton of work done by volunteers each week in Children’s Ministry.

  • Did you know there are almost 100 volunteer nursery workers operating on a rotation system each Sunday during the services?
  • Did you know there are nearly 50 Children’s Sunday school teachers and substitutes that serve every Sunday morning?
  • Did you know there close to 40 Gospel Project and Nursery folks that volunteer and teach on a weekly basis?

Would you be willing to make an investment in the next generation.  There are numerous weekly service opportunities as well as busy annual events that require a great deal of extra help.

  1. Can you teach Sunday school?
  2. Could you act as a helper in a Sunday school class?
  3. Can you listen to kids as they recite verses for Awana?
  4. Can you be an encourager to kids during Awana game-time?
  5. Could you jump into the 8 week nursery rotation?
  6. Can you smile and greet folks as they enter our building?
  7. Are you good with technology?

There are a ton of ways to get involved.  Do it!

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