Acts 1:1-11

Introduction to Acts:

Does anyone know who wrote the book of Acts?

Does anyone know what the book of Acts is about?

      • The beginnings of the church
      • Acts tells the story about how the Church spread out into the world

Does anyone know the three biggest characters in Acts?

Read:  Acts 1:1-11

Does anyone know what Luke’s first book was called?

What is Luke’s first book, the gospel of Luke about?

Getting back into Acts….

Read Acts 1:1-5

1.  Christianity and Jesus resurrection are true.

What does the word resurrection mean?

How do we know that the resurrection is a fact?

      • We know from God’s word – right here in Acts 1:3 and also in other places – 1 John 1

Does it matter if Jesus rose from the dead?  Why does it matter?

      • If Jesus rose from the dead, then it proves he is God

How should we respond to God?

      • Worship

What does worshipping Jesus look like?

      • Repentance, Faith/Belief, Obedience

What else can we learn from these verses…..

Read:  Acts 6-8

2.  We are called to witnesses

What does it mean to be a witness?

If you call yourself a Christian… Then you need to live like a Christian and talk like a Christian.

Read Acts 9-11

What do we learn from these 3 verses?

3.  Jesus is in Heaven and Jesus will return

Did you know that’s really good news?

      • Jesus will return
      • When Jesus returns he will judge all sin

Does that sound like good news?  —– No, but it is.

      • Romans 3:23
      • Romans 6:23

So, why is Jesus return such a good thing?

      • Sin will be no more
      • Perfect fellowship will be restored between us and God

Put your faith in Jesus.

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