Shepherding a Child’s Heart

If my heart is the source of my sin problem, then lasting change must always travel through the pathway of my heart.  It is not enough to alter my  behavior or to change my circumstances.  Christ transforms people by radically changing their hearts.  If the heart doesn’t change, the person’s words and behavior may change temporarily because of an external pressure or incentive (the pain of discipline).  But when the pressure or incentive is removed, the changes will disappear. – Shepherding a Child’s Heart

If children are not confronted with their sin and folly, they will serve and worship the things of the world.  It is a lethal danger to presume upon the grace of God as it pertains to the salvation and sanctification or our children.  God’s Word calls us to confront children with their sin and to expose their immaturity.  It will require a great effort on the part of godly men and women if we are to see a fresh generation of children passionate for the things of God.

One comment on “Shepherding a Child’s Heart

  1. I like to say that I’m shepherding dozens of children as a youth ministry leader. I’ve never read Shepherding a Child’s Heart, but from the excerpt that you posted, it looks like something I should check out. Do you know of any other resources that are similar in message and theme? Thanks for sharing!

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