The worst day of the year for some…

Tomorrow Paducah will be bustling with families going here and there as they celebrate Mother’s Day according to their tastes and traditions.  I’m looking forward to Todd’s message praying it will be timely, encouraging, and challenging.  I’m excited about Parent and Child Dedication in the morning, hoping it will be a special day for those participating and for the church.  I expect church to be lively as families worship together and celebrate a very special Mother’s Day!

As I think about reading Psalm 127 from the platform tomorrow, there is another group within the First Baptist family I can’t stop thinking about.  A group that is very likely not looking forward to tomorrow.  This is probably a smaller group of men and women, spanning all ages and stages.  This is a group of people who for many different reasons and in many different ways have suffered through infertility, miscarriage, or the loss of a child.  Mother’s Day isn’t a day of parties and presents for these brothers and sisters.  For some, Mother’s Day is quite possibly the worse day of the year.

I’m sure there many unfortunate situations within our congregation related to the loss of a child.  I wouldn’t know where to start addressing it, nor would I feel qualified to start dishing out counsel.  Here is a very moving article I read a while back that should help to put any reader in the right state-of-mind to love on those who have need for love in this area.

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