A Midweek Update

We went with the flow last week, and had a great MIDWEEK.  Here’s the deal on FBC MIDWEEK this week.  We’re going against the flow (the water flow) this week!


Water’s rising and folks need help.  We’ve been talking about God Calling.  Here we go!

  • Everyone meet in the FBC Great Room for instructions at 5:30. (Eat before you come—we won’t be having our Wednesday night meal.)
  • After brief instructions, all adults will head to the Road Department to sandbag.  You can drive your vehicle or ride one of the church busses which will be continually shuttling back and forth between the church and the road department.
  • AWANA will begin as usual for all ages at 5:45 at the church.  Ladies, we need 20 of you to call the church and volunteer to take the place of 20 strong-backed, normally-AWANA-leading men who will be going out to sand bag.  (Families, work out your own logistics to have your child picked up from AWANA no later than 7:30.)
  • Ladies and Senior Adults—COME!  Don’t worry; there will be good work for you to do as you serve those who will be sandbagging.
  • Students, watch for the word from Jason about your involvement!
  • Choir practice will start at 7:30 p.m. and if you are a little late coming from sandbagging, that is ok.
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