Holy Week – Day 6

Holy Week – 2011

A Family Worship Guide

Session 6______________________________________


Family Worship:

Thursday, April 21:  Mark 14:12-25

Discussion Questions: 

  1. What do these passages of Scripture teach us about God… His character, attributes, and nature?
  2. What do these passages of Scripture teach us about man… our character, attributes, and nature?

Private Worship: Psalm 143; Lamentations 2:10-18


Adoration:  God is holy, mighty, good, gracious, and merciful.  Spend time declaring your love for Him.  Think through God’s attributes and the ways in which you have benefited from His good character.

Confession:  We are fallen people living in a fallen world.  Christ paid a magnificent debt on the cross for our sins and for the glory of God.  Confess your sin in a spirit of repentance.  Long for the righteousness of God and pray for His gracious hand to sanctify you.

Thanksgiving:  We deserve punishment for our sins.  The Bible declares that we were enemies of God.  In spite of this God blesses greatly.  Our rightful response to His love and mercy must be thankfulness.  Spend time thanking God, not for the gifts He bestows, but for His lordship and good character.

Supplication:  Ask God to help you see and respond to the needs of others.  Pray for the spiritual well-being of yourself and others.  Then pray that God would meet physical needs through healing or some sort of special provision.


Amazing Grace

Great is Thy Faithfulness

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