Where is my time going?

This morning it occurred to me that I’m on a track to think for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours this week about stuff….  And on this same track, at the end of the week I will have spent but a few minutes thinking thoughts about and meditating on the personally horrifying and simultaneously God-glorifying realities of the cross; like this one described by Martin Luther:

“Take this to heart and doubt not that you are the one who killed Christ.  Your sins certainly did, and when you see the nails driven through his hands, be sure that you are pounding, and when the thorns pierce his brow, know that they are your evil thoughts.  Consider that if one thorn pierced Christ you deserve one hundred thousand.”

  • What are you thinking about this week?  
  • Should our devotional lives look different just because its Holy Week?  
  • Are you missing a prime opportunity to personally regroup, recharge, and recommit your thoughts and time to Christ’s kingdom?

“The whole value of the meditation of the suffering of Christ lies in this, that man should come to the knowledge of himself and sink and tremble…..  Pray to god that he may soften your heart and make fruitful your meditation upon the suffering of Christ, for we ourselves are incapable of proper reflection unless God instills it.”

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