Did you pick up a copy of FBC’s Holy Week Worship Guide?

Holy Week – 2011

A Family Worship Guide

Session 4______________________________________


Family Worship:

Tuesday, April 19: Mark 11:27-33

Discussion Questions: 

  1. What do these passages of Scripture teach us about God… His character, attributes, and nature?
  1. What do these passages of Scripture teach us about man… our character, attributes, and nature?

Private Worship: Psalm 94; Lamentations 1:17-22


Adoration:  Lord, we worship you.  You are our God.  You are loving, but you are just.  You are always near, but you are Holy.  You are our Creator and our Redeemer.  We love you for all that you are.

Confession:  We confess that we have sinned against you, and have not loved you with our whole hearts.  We have not loved those around us as much as we love ourselves. Forgive us for being selfish.  We ask your forgiveness as a family and as individuals. Help us always remember and celebrate what Christ has done for us.

Thanksgiving:  Jesus paid the penalty of every sin we will ever commit.  We owe him everything!  Thank you for sending us Jesus as a substitute for us, and as an example.  He showed us how we should live.  Gracious God, thank you for always providing for us.  We thank you for our home.  We thank you for our family (name specific members).

Supplication:  Continue your good work in us.  Make us more like Jesus.  Help us think about our Savior all day.   Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Be glorified in our worship.  All honor and power and glory are yours.  Amen.


Amazing Grace

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

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