What is the “Baby Steps” Class???


What is a milestone?  Milestones are markers of progression on the spiritual formation journey.  They are particular points along the “Way” that communicate growth is taking place in a person’s relationship with God.  Very simply, milestones are evidences of grace that every person growing in their relationship with God will experience and celebrate.   A twelve-year-old’s faith commitment, an eighth-grader’s purity commitment, passage to adulthood, and high school graduation are all milestones in the lives of our children.

If you’ve been around FBC for any period of time, then you’ve heard our Family Ministry mission statement:  Our goal as a church is to partner with parents, to equip, encourage, and hold them accountable in hopes of seeing God raise up generations of children and students who love God with all their hearts, souls, and strength. As a team of pastors we have begun to identify important milestones that every family hopes to experience and celebrate.  In an effort to better partner with you, we are committed to teaching and programming the ministries of the church with these important milestones on our minds and in our hearts.

Infant-Preschool: Laying a Foundation for God

  • Milestone:  Parent and Child Dedication

Elementary School: Praying for Transformation (new birth)

  • Milestone: Faith Commitment
  • Milestone: Preparing for Adolescence

Middle School:  Establishing Identity in Christ

  • Milestone: Commitment to Purity

High School: Determining Destiny

  • Milestone: Passage to Adulthood
  • Milestone: High School Graduation

College: Going on Mission

  • Milestone: Life in Christ

Our new “Baby Steps” Class and our community Parent and Child Dedication ceremony are small steps forward in pursuit of this vision for the generations.

Here is the outline for the “Baby Steps” Class, to give you a better idea of what to expect:

Sunday Morning, April 17; Room 230 (Upstairs in the Student Ministry hallway)

9:50: Start time

  • Food and fellowship
  • Leaving a legacy and pursuing milestones in the lives of our children
  • Parents as the primary faith influencers
  • What is baby dedication and what am I committing to?
  • Understanding the church ceremony
  • Key scriptures and small group discussion
  • The importance of dad
  • The importance of mom
  • First steps toward faith
  • Milestone 1 resources for the family
  • Prayer
  • Group picture

10:50: Dismissal

What if my child has already been dedicated?

I understand some of you have participated in a Parent and Child Dedication ceremony in the past.  That’s great!  We are proud of your commitment and desire to honor God in the parenting process and we are here to support you in the process.  There is absolutely no reason to rededicate your child or anything like that.  You’re simply on our mailing list.  You are welcome to attend the “Baby Steps” class if it sounds interesting, but don’t feel any obligation to do so.

A great book…

If you’d like to think more about “milestones” for your family, check out Brian Haynes book, Shift.

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