Parent and Child Dedication


First Baptist Church longs to see the next generation love Christ, love His church, and carry His gospel into all the world with a passion and desire for God’s glory.  As a church we are committed to partnering with parents as you pursue this good and godly dream in the lives of each of your children.  We are always working to more effectively connect the ministries of First Baptist with the ministry taking place in your homes, and to this end we have begun to identify milestones that every person growing in their relationship with Christ will experience and celebrate.

Parent and Child Dedication is a logical starting point in the process of biblical parenting and is therefore our first milestone.  This Spring we are taking steps to grow in the way we celebrate this important milestone in the life of your family.  My hope is that all involved will begin to see this ceremony as an opportunity for parents of all ages to be an encouragement to others, to celebrate as a church family, and to commit to the process of biblical parenting.

On Mother’s Day, May 8, we will honor all the wonderful mothers God has brought to First Baptist; and as a natural extension of this celebration of motherhood, we will hold a Parent and Child Dedication Ceremony during our worship service.  If you’d like to be a part of our Parent and Child Dedication Ceremony, please pick up a Parent and Child Dedication registration form at the church and make plans to attend our “Baby Steps” Class on April 17.

  • Who:             Parents and children (0-4 years of age)
  • What:            Parent and Child Dedication
  • When:           April 17: “Baby Steps” Class and May 8: Dedication Ceremony
  • Where:         8:30 or 11:00 Worship Services


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