Camp Deadlines: Coming Soon


I hope this letter finds you well.

I don’t want anyone caught-off guard with deadlines and dates related to Kid’s Camp this year.  The time for action is here.  Below you will find important dates and information related to Kid’s Camp this summer.  I hope to see all of your kids there.

  • $75.00 – Deposit due February 13
  • $115.00 – Your remaining balance is due June 23
  • $190.00 – Total camp cost after scholarships

Please take time to fill out the form I’ve enclosed with this letter and return it to me with your deposit.  I have a mailbox in the church office or you can simply hand it to me.  If you are interested in being a chaperone, please make indication on the form.

Because of this high level of interest from parents wanting to chaperone the following decisions have been made related to cost and sign-up.

If there is space available we will not turn parents away (we have reserved 30 spots at Camp).

The second family member cost (brother, sister, or parent) will receive a 20 percent discount (Camp cost for the first child after scholarship – $190.00; Camp cost for the second child/parent – $150.00).

Deposits will be received up until February 13 for children.  We will begin receiving deposits for chaperones on February 6.

Your spot at camp is secure when, and only when I have your deposit.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Please contact me directly with any questions related to camp, deposits, and dates… 270.994.3232

Josh Cornett

Pastor for Children and Family Ministries

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