Bible Promises: The Promise about Prayer

Several weeks ago we began a new series during our Awana Council Time… Bible Promises.  Each week we will dig deep into the treasure chest that is God’s word and pull out a Bible promise to study.  These lessons are modernized and adapted versions of a series of sermons Richard Newton taught to children in 1884.

Here is the first promise.  The lesson began with a puppet show.

Bible Promises: The Promise about Prayer

Last week we learned that the Bible is a book of promises….

  • We learned there are a lot of promises
  • We learned that God’s promises are powerful
  • We learned that God’s promises always come true

Remember that the promises of God are our treasure.

Lets dig into our treasure chest and pull out a promise to learn about today.

(Reach into the treasure chest and pull out sign.)

(pull card) The Promise about Prayer:  Matthew 7:7

That’s a great promise isn’t it —-    “Ask and it will be given to you.”

What does that mean?

What did Sam think it meant?

Can we ask for anything we want and expect to get it?

Is that what this verse means?

Lets think about what the Sunday School Lady and her Magic Felt Board taught Sam and Lindsey…

Sunday School Lady says we should pray for things that are…

  1. Needed
  2. Good
  3. Promised

Why would she say that?

  • Right here in Matthew 7:7… The Bible just says “ASK… and it will be given.”

How many different Bible verses are there in the Bible about prayer? many

Matthew 7:7 is just one of those isn’t it?

Lets look at another one together….

In Luke chapter 22 right before Jesus is about to be taken as a…..

  • Prisoner
  • beaten
  • bloodied
  • Crucified on the cross

Jesus goes away to a quiet place and he prays…. Listen to his prayer….

Read:  Luke 22:39-42

“if you are willing take this cup from me…”  What does that mean?

What does Jesus say next?….. “Not my will, but yours be done.”

Did you hear that? That was very important.

  • Jesus prayed that God’s will be done
  • Jesus prayed that “what God wanted… would come true.”

Jesus is tired, and worried, and scared…. So he asks God for help. But after that…. He says “not my will, but yours be done.”

Why did Jesus say that?

  • It is God’s will to provide us with what we need.
  • It is God’s will to provide us with what is good.
  • It is God’s will to keep his promises.

Matthew 7:7… says “Ask, and it will be given to you.”

  • Pray…. Pray every single day.
  • Pray for what you think you need.
  • Pray for what you think is good.
  • Pray that God’s promises will come true in your life.

And when you are done with that… Pray that God’s will… will be done.

We don’t always know what we need and don’t always know what is good… But God knows.

  • We have to trust God
  • Believe in God
  • Put our faith in God

What was Sam’s big mistake?

  • He prayed for what he thought he needed
  • He prayed for what he thought was good
  • And when he didn’t get it…. He got mad at God

We can’t do that…

  • We have to believe in God
  • Trust in God

And have faith that God knows more than we do about what we need.

  1. Ask, for what it necessary
  2. Ask for what is good and profitable
  3. Ask for what is promised….  and it will be given to you.


Puppet Skit


Hey Sam!  What’s up?


Nothing (negative attitude – Eeyor voice – drop head)


Sam!  What’s wrong with you?  You sound sooooooooo down in the dumpies.


Nothing.  I’m fine.  What’s up with you? (Eeyore again)


Alright Eeyore.  Tell me what’s wrong.

What’s the dealy?  Spill the beans.  Lay it on me.  Lets work it out.  Did something happen at home?  Has someone in class been making fun of you.  Quit goof-trooping and tell me what’s wrong


I don’t know…. I guess I’ve been having doubts about God.  I don’t know if He’s real.


What!!!  You know better.  We’ve been going to church together our whole lives.


I know.  And I want to believe He’s real, but…. but…. I just don’t know???


Sam…. What’s gotten into you?  You are head of the Awana Class.  Your vest weighs like 100 pounds, there’s so many patches and jewels on there.  They had to create a new handbook just for you.  You’re an Awana millionaire.  I know you know the Bible.


That’s just it.  I don’t know if the Bible is true.  Every since last Sunday when we read Matthew 7:7… I’ve been having my problems.


What problems????


Matthew 7:7 says…. Ask, and it shall be given to you.  At first I thought that was the best news ever.  I mean think of it….  Think about what a great promise that is….  Ask for whatever you want and God will give it to you.


It is pretty awesome!


Yea!  If it were true!  But its a fake.  It’s not true.  It’s a lie….. And if the Bible has one lie in it, then I bet its full of lies.  In fact I doubt any of its true.  I doubt God is ever real.  I think He’s somebody our parents made up to try to get us to do what they say.


Geeezzzzz Sam!  chats pretty serious.  How can be sure?


I’ve been praying all week-long for stuff….. And none of it has come true.


What did you pray for?


  • I prayed for a new bike.
  • I prayed for a new TV in my room.
  • I prayed that my little sister would leave me alone.
  • I’ve prayed for good grades on my tests
  • I’ve prayed all sorts of stuff….  None of it has happened.


Sam…. I don’t know.  But this is serious.  If you’re right, then we are wasting a lot of time with this God-stuff.  But if you’re wrong then you are saying some pretty bad things about God.  I don’t know what to do.


Just forget it!!! There’s nothing you can do.

Lindsey (interrupts Sam): Wait a minute!!!! Wait a minute!!!!  Wait one minute!!!!!! I know what we can do.  Lets ask Sunday School lady and her magic felt board.  She will know what to do.

Sunday School Lady: Check out What’s in the Bible by Phil Vischer (creator of Veggie Tales).  Funny stuff.  It was fresh on the brain and I borrowed the character Sunday School lady.

Sam! Lindsey!  Is that you?

Lindsey and Sam:

Hey Sunday School Lady…..          What do we do?

Sunday School Lady:

Sam…. Lindsey…..  There’s nothing wrong with God.  God loves to answer our prayers…..


But Sunday School lady…

Sunday School Lady:

Sam! don’t interrupt.  God is not the problem!  Your prayers are the problem…. Magic Felt Board show the children how to pray

Microphone in the back of the room:

  • Pray for things that are needed
  • Pray for things that are good
  • Pray for things that are promised.

(Sunday school lady places a sign on the felt board as the voice makes above statements)

Sunday School Lady:

And that’s what the Bible has to say about that

The End

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