Children’s Church Sermon Outline

1.  Welcome/Introduction
  • Do you all know what a new years resolution is?
  • How many of you made new years resolutions?
  • What were they?

2. Prayer

3.  Song

4.  Sermon

  • How many of you did a Jesse Tree this Christmas Season?
  • What is a Jesse Tree?
  • Does anyone remember why we called it a Jesse Tree?

Read: Isaiah 11:1-9

  • What do you all think of that?
  • Funny stuff?
Listen again to this part… vv. 6-9
  • What in the world is Isaiah talking about?

Read verse by verse… What is Isaiah trying to tell us.

  • v. 6 – What would happen if we left a wolf and a lamb alone together?  Or a leopard and a goat.
  • v. 7 – Have you ever seen a farmer who had a bear and kept his bear in the same barn-stall as his cow?
  • v.8 – Do any of you have pet cobras?



How can this be???

What is the difference in this time in which we live… a time in which we would never lay a baby down next to the hole of a cobra… and the time described here in Isaiah?

  • How many of you got in a fight with a brother, sister, mom, or dad this morning before church?
  • How many of you have a friend that has hurt your feelings in the past week?
  • How many of you have hurt someone’s feelings in the past week?
  • How many of you are secretly mad that you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas?
  • How many of you are secretly annoyed that your parents made you come to church this morning?

Isaiah is speaking about a time and a place that is different from here and now.

Isaiah 11:6-9 describing a place full of love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, self-control, patience, goodness, faithfulness

  • How many of you could say that you are full of love, full of joy, full of gentleness, full of self-control?
  • We’ve all got a lot of work to do don’t we?
  • We’ve all got along way to go to get to this place or this time that Isaiah is describing here, don’t we?

Does this passage remind you of anything?

Does the world described here in these 9 verses remind you of something else you’ve read about in the Scriptures?

Read Genesis 1 (selected verses w/repetition: “It was good.”)

Is Isaiah simply looking back and describing things the way they used to be in the Garden?

Isaiah isn’t looking back… Isaiah is looking forward to a time when all things will be made new.  At time full of love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness… A time of self-control… I time of safety, when Lions, lambs, leopards, babies, and cobras all lie down together.

  • This is a really important time of the year for us to think about this passage.
  • We are thinking about goals and new years resolutions.
  • We are thinking about ways in which we want to grow and improve and be made new.

It is important to remember that God has promised to make all things new… And in fact he has already begun.

There will come a time when the wolf lives with the lamb, the leopard lies down with the goat, the cobra and the a baby play together… etc….

How will God make things new?

How will God bring about this paradise?

Read:  Isaiah 11:1 –  Jesus Christ is the shoot of Jesse… Jesse’s great, great, great…. grandson

Jesus Christ is making all things new.

  • Where Adam failed… giving into temptation and eating
  • Christ has prevailed

Listen to all that we learn about Jesus…. vv. 2-5

Jesus Christ is making all things new and if we truly want our lives to be characterized by the peace and unity we read about in this passage…

then we must put our faith in Him.

We can make commitments to grow and improve and try really hard on our own, but without Jesus we will fail.

  • Only God can change our hearts.  Only God could do what Adam could not.
  • We need to ask Jesus to give us a new heart
  • We need to put our faith and trust in Jesus.



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