Family Media Diet Calculator

How many minutes each day do your kids spend texting or online?
  • You might be surprised.
  • You might be convicted.
  • You might should care.

Calculate your child’s/family’s media intake here.

I’m unconvinced that a holier form of media will be an effective way of redeeming our children’s time.  I don’t believe the problem is time lost to inappropriate media.  More simply it is time lost to any form of media.  The problem (my opinion) is the loss of human interaction that is the result of hours in front of a screen.  Every minute our kids spend with white cords hanging out of the ears is a minute that passes without the human interaction necessary for our children to grow up and become socially well-balanced adults.

If “the aim of boyhood is manhood,” then boys must interact with their dads (or fatherly figures).  The computer can’t accomplish this.  Thus we have good reason to calculate our family’s media diet.

All that said, there is no reason to climb out of one ditch only to cross the road and fall in another.  I am grateful for an increase in quality Christian media.

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