Children’s Church Teaching Outline

Children’s Church – Every Story Whispers His Name

Worship Order


Read:  Jesus Storybook Bible: The Teeny, Weenie… True King

KidStuff Classics – Wanna Be

The Israelites wanted a King…

“God’s people had a new land.  Now they wanted a king” – TJSB

Was it wrong for the Israelites to want a king? – No

As long as the king remained faithful to God it wasn’t wrong

Give a recap of the story and David’s annointing….

  • oldest
  • tallest
  • strongest
  • most talented

Finish summary with…

Jesse’s youngest son came running up, and God spoke quietly to Samuel,  “This is the one!”….. David

God chose David to be king because God was getting his people ready for an even greater King who was coming.

Who do you think that King was?

Now…. Here is what I want you to learn today….  Think about this….

Was David a king with a capital K or a king with a small k?

It wasn’t wrong for Israel to have a king or for any other country to have a king…. with a small “k”.

The problem that the Israelites constantly had and the problem we constantly have is this….

We allow ourselves, other people and things to become King with a capital “K” in our lives.

Lets look at this booklet together…. “Who will be King”

Walk and Talk through Who will be King with children….


KidStuff Classics – Get down

KidStuff Classic – Big House


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