Children’s Church Teaching Outline

Children’s Church – Every Story Whispers His Name

Worship Order:



Who remembers what we learned about last week?

Do you think the Israelites wondering in the desert obeyed God’s law?

  • The people didn’t obey God
  • And even I Moses in my anger and frustration disobeyed God

What will a good judge do if he knows someone is breaking the law?

  • God punished the Israelites and my disobedience by not allowing the generation that left Egypt to enter into the promised land
  • Which means we’ve been wondering around in the desert for 40 years.
  • But now that 40 years is over
  • And the Israelites are about to enter into the promised land

There’s just one problem… Jericho

KidStuff Classics – Wanna Be

(Costume Change)


I’m Joshua… Moses 2nd in command… Let me read to you from God’s word

Read: Joshua 1:1-2

  • At last… God is about to send his chosen people into the promised land
  • The land promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and now Joshua
  • There’s just one problem… Jericho

Read: Josh 2:1-6

What did Rahab just do?

Read: Joshua 2:8-9 &12 & 14-15 & 17-18a

Does Rahab fear God?

What side does Rahab want to be on?

  • Rahab wants to be on the right-side
  • Rahab knows that God’s people are coming to Jericho and she knows what’s going to happen next

Who’s side are you on?

What’s the right-side?

Is the right-side… simply the winning side?…. or is there more to it than that?

  • There are pretty much always two-sides you can be on.
  • You have to pick which team you are going to play for.
  • You have to decide Who’s Kingdom you are going to worship in.

Did you know there are two Kings?

And that you are going to worship one of these two Kings?

I know this is the U.S. and we have a president…

But listen… every one of you are worshippers… and every one of you are going to bow down to a king

You are going to worship King Jesus… the God of this world

Or… You are going to worship King Ethan, or King Tanner, or King Micah, or King ______

You are going to worship King Jesus

Or… You are going to make yourself your own King

What is sin?

Do you know what sin does to us?

  • Sin turns us in on ourselves
  • Sin is worried about my needs, my wants, my feelings, and my desires
  • Sin is not worried about God’s wants, God’s feelings, or God’s desires

Who will be your king?

Rahab… on this day chose God

Will you choose wisely like Rahab or will you continue to be a fool

  • Fools act like their sin is no big deal
  • Fools are more concerned about their needs, their feelings, and their desires
  • A Fool makes himself the center of his or her own universe and worships themselves

Will you live your life for yourself… or will you repent and give your life to the service of King Jesus?

The Lord our God is worthy to receive all glory and honor and power because he created all things, and by his decision they came to be. – repeat

Let me teach you a song… On your feet

Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho

(On the 7th time everyone falls down)

The rest of the story goes like his…

  • Joshua led his people into the promised land
  • The Israelites had their spears and shields and armor ready
  • They were ready to fight
  • But the plan wasn’t about fighting… The plan was about trusting God
  • Joshua’s army marched and marched and marched around the city
  • And on the 7th day God told his people to march around the city 7 times
  • And on the 7th time around God told the people to scream and yell and blow their trumpets
  • And the walls came tumbling down

(Lets see if we can get this wall to come tumbling down… On the count of 7 let me hear some noise… we built a block wall in our worship room)

Was all of Jericho destroyed?

After the walls came down… the Israelites would have looked across the city and seen one remaining tower still standing with a red rope hanging from it’s window

A red rope… why was it red… does that seem like a strange color for a rope?

I don’t know why the rope was red, but it reminds me of Christ’s blood…

The Israelites would have seen that red rope and maybe they were reminded of Rahab’s belief, her trust…. possibly her faith in God who saved her

Everyday we should think about and gaze upon the cross Christ and be reminded that Jesus is the King of the world

There is power in the blood of Christ

And if we believe, and trust, and have faith–Christ will show us mercy as he did Rahab.

It is by grace through faith that we are saved

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