Awana Teaching Outline – John 6:1-14

Read: John 6:1-14

Lets get a picture a clear picture in our minds of this story…. (Betty Luken Felt Board)

  • Jesus was located next to the Sea of Galilee (land felt piece)
  • A crowd of people had followed Jesus him because of the miraculous things he had been doing (crowd of people felt piece)
  • The Jewish passover was near and the people needed something to eat.
  • Jesus looks up and sees a great crowd of people coming and knows they will need food.
  • Jesus asks Philip where they will get the food.

Is Jesus really confused about where the food will come from? – vs. 6

Peter speaks up and says here is a boy with fish and loaves of bread (boy felt piece

How many loaves of bread did he have? (bread felt pieces)

How many fish did he have? (fish felt pieces)

Jesus had the people sit down.

How many people were present with Jesus?

What does Jesus do next?

  • Gives thanks
  • Begins to break bread and serve the fish

Everyone eats and Jesus tells the disciples to pick up the left-overs

How much was left-over? (basket and bread felt pieces)

Now…. What can we learn from this story?

Point 1:  Jesus Christ is God

Did you know this is the only story (besides the crucifixion and resurrection) that is included in all 4 gospels?

What do you think is so special about this miracle?

  • So far we’ve read about Jesus turning water into wine.
  • We’ve read about Jesus healing men of their sickness.
  • We will read of many more miracles throughout the gospels.

What do you think is so special about this miracle?

Does anyone have Genesis 1:1 memorized?

How did God create the heavens and the earth?

  • We just created this scene out of felt… How did God do it?
  • God created the heavens and the earth out of nothing.

Does anyone have John 1:1 memorized?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

  • Jesus Christ was in the beginning
  • Jesus Christ was with God
  • Jesus Christ was God

This miracle is special because Jesus Christ creates out of nothing and 5000 people see him do it….. Just like he did in the beginning

Food that did not exist was spoken into existence by Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ has in his possession the creative power of God, because he is God

Jesus power isn’t limited to…

  • fixing things that are broken
  • healing people that are sick
  • building up things that are messed up
  • strengthening the weak
  • raising the dead

Jesus Christ is more powerful than that

Jesus Christ can call into to existence what wasn’t there before

Jesus Christ is God and he is powerful and he can very easily create in you a new and clean heart.

Ephesians 2:1 says that every man who doesn’t know Christ is…

“Dead in their transgressions and sins”

  • Our hearts aren’t sick
  • Our hearts aren’t broken
  • Our hearts aren’t kind of messed up

Ephesians 2:1 says that if God doesn’t give us the love–to love him with…. we have no love for God and we are dead in our transgressions and sin.

  • No medicine can fix our heart
  • No cast or splints or band-aids can be put on our hearts
  • No rest and relaxation will fix our hearts

Only God who has the power to create something…. out of nothing can save you.

  • If you don’t know Christ
  • Then you need a new heart

And only Jesus Christ…..

  • The one powerful enough to create something out of nothing
  • Can create in you a new heart.

Will you trust in Christ?

  • Ask Christ to give you a new heart
  • Ask Christ to help you love God
  • Ask him everyday.

J.C. Ryle’s John Commentary has served as the primary teaching supplement throughout  this Fall’s series.


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