Awana Teaching Outline – John 5:1-6

Read: John 5:1-6

What kind of people laid next to the pool called Bethesda?

Jesus asks a man “Do you want to get well?”  How long had that man been laying by the pool?

Sin has brought misery into the world

What are the effects of sin? – Look at the text:  blind, lame, paralyzed – utter misery

Friendless, helpless, hopeless this man laid next to this pool in pain and misery…Year after year this man had no relief, no change, nothing but torment.

When we read of this man’s torment, his agony, his helplessness, and hopelessness…

Do you know what we should feel?

How many of you know Mrs. Faye?

How many of you love Mrs. Faye?

Do you know that for about the last two weeks she has been over at Western Baptist in a hospital bed…

  • hurting
  • in pain
  • in frustration
  • fighting off sickness and decay.

When we think of Mrs Faye who we love, or when we think of this man lying by the pool called Bethesda… How should we feel?

These things should remind us of how deeply we ought to hate sin.

God didn’t create us to be full of aches and pains and sickness.

These things are fruits of the Fall…. man’s fall into sin

There would be no sickness if there were no sin.

Do you hate your sin?

Think about this…

  • Do you hate your sin or do you hate the fact that you got caught?
  • Do you feel bad about the fact that you watched something on the TV you weren’t supposed to watch?  Or do you feel bad that you were caught?
  • Do you feel bad about hitting your sister or brother?  Or do you feel bad that you got in trouble for it?
  • Do you feel bad that you cuss at school?  Or do you feel bad that you got caught?
  • etc….

Do you hate your sin?

Or are there a bunch of things in your life that you like to do and you like to think about that you know aren’t right, but you do them anyway, and you like to do them, and you plan on continuing to do them because its fun and it’s pleasurable?

….You don’t care if it dishonors God as long as you are having fun.

Do you hate your sin?

Fools make a mockery of sin… Says the wise man – Proverbs 14:9

What does that mean?

  • Fools don’t take their sin seriously
  • Fools don’t see the destruction that sin leads to.

You might reach into the cookie jar, steal a cookie, and get away with it.  The cookie might taste delicious, you don’t get caught, and nothing happens

(M&M object lesson)

But something is happening…

A temptation and desire to steal another cookie is growing and getting bigger inside you

(food coloring object lesson)

Sin begins small and creeps into our lives

If we feed it and allow it to grow it will eventually enter into every part of us.

Death and sin entered into the world through Adam when he disobeyed God and ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil

And sin and death have creeped and seeped its way into all the earth

How do I know?

I don’t have to look any further than the blind, the lame, and the paralyzed in John 5

I don’t have to look any further than the hospital across the street.

Sin kills… It will lead you down a path towards total destruction.

And listen to this…  This is kind of scary… We need to take this very serious

We are not good…

  • Our hearts desire sin
  • Our hearts want to sin

That’s the bad news… now hear the good news.

2.  Christ is merciful and compassionate

Read John 5:7-8

  • Jesus Christ saw the man lying next to the pool
  • Jesus saw his pain, his suffering, his agony
  • Jesus in his ultimate knowledge knew of this man’s 38 years of suffering

And what does Christ do?

  • Jesus Christ miraculously heals this man of all his sickness
  • Jesus Christ overcomes the effects of sin and death in this man’s life
  • Jesus Christ saves this man’s life and sends him on his way rejoicing

The One (Jesus Christ) who healed the man at Bethesda is still the same.

Jesus Christ is the Rescuer

He is Savior

He is the one that can clean up our hearts

He is the one that causes to desire God


J.C. Ryle’s John Commentary has served as the primary teaching supplement throughout  this Fall’s series.

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