1. Will it keep snowing?
  2. Will they cancel school tomorrow?
  3. Will it be safe to drive tomorrow?

Anything could happen.

If all these things fall into place we will meet at the church at 10:00AM tomorrow morning (Monday morning) and go sledding.  We will ride on church busses to our sledding destination, a city park in Draffenville, about 30 minutes away.  This is the closest/safest/public park with a nice hill that I’m aware of.  We will return around 12:00.  Obviously there is only so much room on the busses, so parents be ready to caravan or disappoint your child, if 1 million kids show up (they won’t and it will be fine).

We must have one chaperone for every seven–K-5 grader, so plan on sledding if you are available to come.  Any child not yet in Kindergarten must be accompanied by his or her parent/an adult.  Currently, there are 3 adults going.

I will post the “Yes” or “No” tomorrow morning at 8:00, pending how things fall into place.  This is a last-minute “seize the fun activity,” so be patient and flexible.  If you have questions, call my cell (270.994.3232).


Pastor Josh


Sledding is a physical activity.  Kids will be running, jumping, sliding, rolling, etc…  We aren’t a school and don’t have wavers readily prepared for this type of extra-ordinary physical activity.  Please tell you kids to be safe, to listen, and to exercise self-control.  The church will provide band-aides for any injuries your child incurs; however, you are responsible for any further medical expenses.


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