The Binding of the Blade

I just got back from 3rd grade soccer practice which was awesome for the following reasons…

  • It forced me to move my legs at a pace faster than a brisk walk
  • Rusty introduced me, talked about me, and thanked me like I was a Brazilian all-star (I think the kids really thought I was a soccer god).
  • We totally annihilated the other team

Playing soccer tonight made me think of a past life.  I’m not sure what’s happened, but in the last 15 years I’ve gone from the captain of teams and a funny guy to this…

  • My favorite thing to talk about is books
  • My favorite thing to do is read
  • And my sense of humor is dead

Tonight I’m going to reach to new heights in my lack of coolness.  I’d like to recommend to you these fantasy novels.  Yes, that’s right, I said fantasy novels.  The last two books I’ve read can be classified in no other way… Christian fantasy.  I don’t know exactly what Dungeons and Dragons was or still is and I never understood the kids with those Magic cards (the 90’s), but I’m pretty sure L.B. Graham’s The Binding of the Blade Series is the Christian equivalent of Battle Tech (will anyone admit to being in the Battle Tech club at school?).

If your husband is a little nerdy like me, or your kids are reading vampire novels, then give Graham’s The Binding of the Blade series a try.  These stories of redemption are full of biblical themes and parallels.  They are a very safe and healthy alternative to some of the other weird stuff your high schooler might want to read.

You can find the books very cheap under the “Bargain Books” heading, or under “Super Bargain Books” on Thursdays for Fridays at P&R Publishing.

The guys on the back of the book compare these books with The Lord of the Rings trilogy… you decide.

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