Awana Sermon Notes for Family Devotionals

This weeks message leaned heavily on J.C. Ryle’s commentary on John 4

Day 3

What else can we learn from this passage?

3. Donʼt waste your suffering (T&T only)

Read:  John 4:46 & 49-53

  • This nobleman was suffering
  • His son was sick and dying
  • The man had zero control over the situation
  • He was desperate.

God used this desperation to lead this man and his entire family to Christ.

  • When things are difficult.
  • When they arenʼt going the way we would like
  • When we are sick
  • When someone we love is sick
  • When mom and dad are fighting
  • When kids at school or church are making fun of you

Donʼt waste your suffering…. What is God trying to teach you?

Health, wealth, and comfort are what we all naturally desire

But, “losses and crosses” are far better for us if they lead us to Christ.

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