Awana Sermon for Family Devotionals

This weeks message leaned heavily on J.C. Ryle’s commentary on John 4

Read:  John 4:43-54

What can we learn from this passage?

There are 4 things I want you to see.

1. Rich people have problems too

John 4:46

  • In this verse we read of a rich nobleman in deep anxiety over his sick son.
  • Surely this man used all means available to him to cure his son
  • But the sickness increased and the rich noblemanʼs son lay at the point of death

Time and time again we think…

  • that if we just had that…
  • or if we just had this…
  • Our problems would be gone.

Every day we are guilty of putting our faith and trust in the things of this world…

Sickness and death come to the rich in the same way that it does to the poor.

Do you think David was a happier man…?

  • sitting under a tree in Bethlehem tending to his fatherʼs flocks?
  • Or… sitting on the throne in Jerusalem trying to lead the 12 tribes of Israel?

How hard it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God?

A rich man is only truly rich, if he has stored up treasure in heaven.

How do we store up treasure in heaven?

  • putting our faith and trust in Christ
  • Christʼs word
  • Christʼs will

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