Did You Miss Our Preschool Teacher’s Training?

Thank you to all who made it out.  Here are the notes….

Preschool Sunday School Hour – A Suggested Schedule:

9:50 – 10:05  Early Bird Activity


  • Seasonal Art
  • Free Art – paper, stamps, crayons, scissors, glue
  • Table Top Activities – puzzle, Play-Dough
  • Centers, Music  Songs,  Bible Story (short quick/not the main study)

10:05 – 10:20  Music  Songs  Bible Story

  • Puppets
  • Flannel Board Pieces – apron black felt
  • Dramatize Bible story using children as Bible characters
  • Teacher tell story through eyes of Bible character
  • Use pictures or objects to tell the story
  • Picture sequence of story – children hold for all to see

*Children learn by repetition, visuals, engaging in activities, hands on

10:20 – 10:30 Snacks

10:30 – 10:45 Bible Story Art

10:45 – 11:00 Finger Plays and Action Music

These are notes, and therefore short and choppy.  Respond with questions if something peeks your interest but isn’t clear.

Important weekly objectives:


  • Greet children first at eye level, give compliment like “I’ve been waiting for you” then direct to activity
  • Greet parents but don’t visit long
  • separation anxiety – ask child “Can you help me?” or “I heard you were coming.”  Immediate engagement with the child will alleviate much or our separation anxiety issues.
  • Greet children at the door
  • Don’t sit on tables or furniture in the room looking out at the door.

Room Environment

  • Centers (Take a look at SojournKids for some ideas.  We will be working to provide you with some new toys, puppets, ect… in the coming days).
  • Blocks, trucks, and cars
  • Dramatic play
  • Table top activities (Puzzles, free art, Fisher Price barn animals & little people) manipulative (Legos, games)


Moving from one activity to the next can be problematic.  We will sometimes lose children and find ourselves in chaotic and confusing circumstances.  This is where behavior problems will begin and/or escalate.

  • Walk kids like an animal (tell them crawl like a tiger, stomp like and elephant, fly like a bird… to the next activity)
  • Assign children hand positions (On head, in air, on waste) as they move from one activity/area of the room to the next.
  • Tip toe
  • Boys – join me in the circle  or girls join me in the circle
  • Colors – if wearing red tip toe to the table
  • Sing song as you move
  1. Are you Sleeping… are you walking…little friends…walking, walking, walking
  2. Wheels on the Bus – the children in the church go sh-sh-sh…all through the room
  3. Here we go round the Mulberry Bush – This is the way we walk to the circle, walk to the circle, walk to the circle….

Music and Finger Plays

Very soon we will post video with finger plays for these and other songs.

  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children
  • Oh! Be Careful Little Eyes
  • Where is Thumbkin? (Joseph, animals, baby, turkey, pumpkins, pilgrims, grandma, grandpa)
  • My God is So Big
  • It isn’t any trouble
  • CD action songs
  • Piggy back songs – Wheels on the Bus, Are you sleeping?, Mulberry Bush
  • Finger Plays

Art Ideas

  • Resources – Deals, Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading
  • Check out Ministry to Children for all kinds of help
  • Website for coloring sheets – kidz-under-construction.com
  • Ideas
  • torn tissue
  • torn construction paper
  • paper plates – collage
  • paper bag puppets
  • stamps and stamp pads
  • stickers
  • sequins
  • paint cakes/brushes (Marcie’s room)
  • 2-tip painting
  • paper chains
  • head bands
  • craft stick puppets
  • collage – food, people, animals
  • Door hanger – heart, star
  • Book mark
  • cotton ball clouds or snow
  • shredded paper/grass

Discipline Techniques

When something good happens say…

  • How did you feel about that ______?
  • Give out stickers
  • Kiss your brain
  • Pat yourself on back
  • Congratulations on…
  • I like they way …
  • I noticed you…

To help avoid losing control… build in structure

  • Circle time
  • Tape on floors
  • Carpet squares
  • Magic stick (you can only talk when you have the magic stick)
  • Compliment children sitting quietly
  • Talk about bad or good choices
  • For time out, use a kitchen timer
  • Say “I like the way your hand doesn’t make any noise.  Raise your hand.
  • Remove disrupting child from group (Don’t reward bad choices.)

To assure yourself of a successful Sunday School hour…

  • Be prepared
  • Be organized
  • Be on time
  • Be consistent (show no favoritism with children)
  • Be flexible






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