Children’s Church… Plagues, Passover, and Power in the Blood

Below, I’ve broken this Sundays Children’s Church sermon into three small devotionals for the purpose of review and further study.

Day 1 Main Points

  1. Jesus worked miracles
  2. Miracles are a work of God
  3. Jesus is God

Read: Exodus 3:1-2

The bush was on fire but it did not burn up.

Have any of you ever seen anything like that?

What did Moses just witness? -a miracle

What is a miracle?

A suspension of the laws of nature…

  • Calming the storm
  • turning water into wine
  • Raising the dead
  • Feeding 5000
  • Healing the sick
  • Walking on water
  • Casting out demons

Think about this… More than 40 times in the gospels Jesus performs miracles.

Do you know what the means…….?

You know all of these things werenʼt done in private.  Jesus performed these miracles in front of everyone.  Thousands and thousands of people saw Jesus doing miraculous things.

We are so familiar with the stories.  We have read them and heard them in Sunday School so many times.  Weʼve heard other stories too…

  • Stories about sleeping beauty
  • Stories about mermaids
  • Stories about princesses and princes and castles and witches, and magic

We are so used to hearing the stories about Jesus performing miracles and we are so used to hearing and seeing other stories acted out in books and movies…….

That we forget one very important thing. And this is a deadly mistake… We cannot forget this one thing that Jesusʼ miracles teach us.

The very man who worked these miracles… Is GOD!  This is no fairy tale. Only the one who was in the beginning and… the creator of all things… could break the laws of nature and perform such miraculous signs and wonders.

Jesus Christ is God…. and his word must be believed…. and he must be obeyed

Day 2 Main Points

  1. God is mighty, powerful, and in control
  2. Man’s heart is hard

Read: Exodus 3:3-10

What does God ask Moses to do?

God has a plan for Moses… Moses, though he is scared and has doubts he obeys God

Read: Exodus 5:1-9

Moses and Aaron went and asked Pharaoh to let his people go… How did Pharaoh respond?

What do you think God is going to do next?

Read: Exodus 7:14-18 & 20

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 7:25-8:2

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 8:16-17

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 8:20-21

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 9:1-3

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 9:8-9

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 9:17-18

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 10:3-6

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

Read: Exodus 10:21-23

Did Pharaoh let the people go?

How many plagues is that so far?

How many are left?

Day 3 Main Points

  1. There is power in the blood
  2. Christ is the true lamb of God
  3. Christ is mighty to save

Read: Exodus 11:4-7

How would God know the difference between the Egyptians and the Israelites? –On this night BLOOD would make all the difference.

(Tape large pieces of paper over a door frame and use red paint and a sponge to illustrate)

  • The passover lamb
  • God instructed through Moses that all the faithful Israelite families sacrifice a lamb
  • And that they wipe its blood on the doorpost and of their houses
  • As the death angel passed-over on that fearful night, he would see the blood move on
  • If God’s angel did not see the blood, the first-born was killed.

Read: Exodus 12:29-32

How did God know the difference between the Egyptians and the Israelites? The blood of the lamb

The angel passed-over Egypt and in this way the Israelites were redeemed or saved from the Egyptians.  Isn’t that a miraculous story of how God loved, cared for, and rescued his people?

Godʼs people have never forgotten how God rescued them from Egypt.

But you know what… The story we just heard is only a shadow compared to the story to come.

  • God was only getting started… He was just warming
  • Godʼs people were still sinners…
  • God saved their lives from the Egyptians…
  • Their souls needed saving from Hell.

God sent a rescuer to save us… His blood was smeared all over the cross as he suffered and died in our place.

  • Jesus became sin for us
  • Jesus suffered for us
  • Jesus blood was shed for my sin and your sin
  • Like the Israelites we must put our faith in the blood.
  • It is the blood of Christ that can make the difference in our lives.
  • It is by grace through faith in Christ that we are saved

(We painted red markings on a wooden cross in our worship room, tying together Passover and Christ’s crosswork)

There is Power in the Blood – Music Video

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