October 31… Help!!!!!

On October 31st, grades K – 5th are going to have an amazing morning of Bible study, song, and feasting on.  We will look to the past remembering God’s faithfulness and goodness to us in Christ.  And we will look to the future trusting in his promises of grace to come.

Here is what will be different about the 31st…

Children’s Church

  • There will be Children’s Church offered during the 8:30 service (normally we don’t have C.C. on the final Sunday of the month).
  • I’m inviting all elementary-aged students to attend (normally C.C. is only K – 3).
  • Dismissal will take place from the 8:30 service as usual.

Sunday School

  • Children should report to their normal Sunday School class locations.
  • Grades K-5 will be attending a Reformation Day Party hosted by Pastors Todd, Russ, and Steve.  This party will be a great time of teaching, singing, eating and fun.
  • I will meet with our Children’s Sunday School teachers during the normally scheduled S.S. hour.  We will eat, drink and be merry without the kids (also discussing how S.S. is going so far this year).
  • You will pick your kids up in the gym rather than in their normal Sunday School classes.

Parents, I need your help…

  • FirstKid’s needs enough Diet of Worms Cake to feed 100 kids on Sunday morning October 31.
  • We need 10 volunteers who don’t usually serve on Sunday mornings to help the pastors with crowd control and craft time during the Sunday School hour.

This is going to be a great morning and a ton of fun for our kids, so don’t party too hard after the Fall Festival and we will see you Sunday morning.

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