Get your kids free stuff here…

Two weeks ago I found myself exploring the International Mission Board’s online catalogue.  Much to my surprise I found a lot of great resources listed FREE!!!

Get your kids some free stuff here…  Resources

The website is cumbersome.  Just keep running searches… “Maps,” “People groups,” “prayer,” etc…. and you will find good stuff to supplement evening prayer times and devotionals.

Try this South America People Group Prayer Cards.  It would be easy to pray for a different people group in South America each week.  What a great way to give your kids a global/kingdom perspective.

There are free world maps here.  Get one, hang it up, and pray for a country each day.  How cool would it be to pray for the Church in every country of the world.  Use push pins to mark off the countries.

Don’t be afraid to order multiple copies of the free stuff for friends or me.  I gave out 20 maps in Children’s Church today and the kids loved it.

You will have to pay some shipping, so it’s not completely free, but close.


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