Fall Festival Announcements

The Fall Festival is back:

  • Giving the people of FBC the opportunity to be an encouragement  to others.
  • Giving the people of FBC the opportunity to love and serve our community in the name of Christ.

Should I come to the Fall Festival?
Of course! This event is a fellowship for all ages.  Come and make the Fall Festival great.  I will be extremely disappointed if all generations are not represented at the Fall Festival.  Saying that doesn’t help much because I don’t have much of a Senior Adult following at Gospel Children.  Please use the next two weeks to invite grandparents and friends (of a slightly older persuasion) to the Fall Festival.

How can you get involved?
Talk to your Sunday school teachers and directors.  Most Sunday school classes are sponsoring at least one booth.  If your class is unable to sponsor a booth and you need a place to plug-in, call Pastor Josh at 994.3232 and we will partner you with another class or find you another area of service. Also, it’s not too late for your class to be assigned a booth.

Will you help promote this event?
Join us Saturday morning, October 23, at 9:30 a.m.  We will meet in the Great Room and then head out to canvas neighborhoods with Fall Festival invites.  The more help we have, the more neighborhoods we can invite.  This is a great family mission activity.

Don’t forget!!!!
Individual Sunday School classes should be working out the details of their booths, recruiting volunteers, and giving out assignments.

We will have a final meeting for all volunteers on Sunday evening, October 24, at 5:00 p.m. in the Great Room.

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