Loving Christ, Loving the Church, Loving Other

Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Ends of the Earth

“What is First Kids all about?” If you’ve asked me that questions in the past 6 months you heard these word (and probably a bunch of others) come out of  my mouth: loving christ, loving the church, and loving others.

I spent sometime talking to an “other” from my past yesterday.  Joe White and I went to elementary school together, middle school together, high school together, and then onto Florida State together.  After college Joe enrolled at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando while I headed to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.  I am very much still a Baptist.  Joe became a Presbyterian.  We are still best friends!  Can you believe it!

Last Spring Joe, his wife Tiffany, and their two children (both under 2 at the time) moved across country from Orlando to L.A.  Joe was given the task of starting from scratch an RUF Campus Ministry at U.C.L.A. (RUF is basically a BCM/BCU for Presbyterians, though I’m sure all are welcome).  It has been neat to watch their ministry start to grow from literally nothing.  Joe is an evangelist.  His primary job is to start gospel conversations with students, make converts, disciple them through Bible studies, and plug them into a local church congregation.

It is very cool to hear about how things are starting to take off for the White’s.  Please pray that God will continue and enhance a good work on the campus of U.C.L.A.  A God-sized prayer for First Baptist and others on this side of the Mississippi would be to ask God to seriously advance the Kingdom in Asia through Joe’s RUF ministry at U.C.L.A.  That may sound strange, but U.C.L.A.’s student population consists of thousands and thousands of international students from all over the world and especially the countries of Asia.  Many of these students will return to their homes with the completion of their studies and in this way RUF could become a great missionary sending agency.  And of course also pray for my friend’s young family.

Here is the link to his ministry blog if you are interested…. RUF Los Angeles

“Others” in need of prayer….

Acts 1:8

  • Jerusalem – Pray for the River City Mission and the good work being done there
  • Judea – Williamsburg, KY and the watering of seeds planted this past summer
  • Samaria – Joe & Tiffany White: RUF UCLA
  • The ends of the earth – Barret & JoBeth Fisher: IMB Missionaries in Indonesia

You probably have your own missionary friends. Pray for them!  Take time today to talk and pray with your kids about the work God is doing around the world.  Help them see and think about the “Church Universal.”

Here is a great website that will help kids put their global lenses on…  Kids of Courage

Here is a great reminder for those of us sitting around waiting for the rapture so we can avoid the Tribulation…  Persecution.com

You can stop reading here.  The rest of the post is full of self-centered musings.  I woke up at 2:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I’m still not Radical.  I’m looking at the book on a shelf right now, but haven’t gotten to it.  My wife is Radical.  I think the other pastors are Radical.  It’s so tough for us “over here” to wrap our minds around what goes on “over there.”  When we hear of persecution it tends to have a polarizing effect in our lives.  Some will run from it, ignore it, and try not to think about it (not good).  Some will dig deep and find a Crazy Love or get Radical. Sometimes (lots of the time) this person is motivated by guilt (rather than conviction brought on by the Word, which is good).  Unintentionally they can be legalistic, prescriptive, offensive, and then they burn out embarrassing the church (not good).

I don’t know… these are my goals for today.

  1. Read my Bible (not all of it)
  2. “Don’t let my knees get lazy and pray like crazy”  (currently a horrible country song).
  3. Prepare my kids to be apart of and committed to a persecuted church.

What does point 3 look like for me?

  • Today I will pray with my kids (2 minutes/3 times), read a Bible story to my kids (3 minutes), and sing a song with my kids (1.5 minutes).  If my kids were older I’d go to Kids of courage.  Also, check out the video on the right hand side of the screen if you haven’t yet…. Family Worship at PCPC
  • I will also attempt to avoid acting like a pagan in front of them, getting in fights with my spouse in front of them (or at all) and busying up my day-off with useless temporal things when I should be spending time with them.

To be clear in closing, David Platt (Radical) is an awesome preacher and I’m sure I’ll find out, a great writer.  I just like “raging against the machine” and poking fun at stuff that sells 10,000,000 copies.

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