Dear eBay Shoppers

Dear eBay shoppers,

After 15 years, we still believe in our founding philosophy:  people are basically good.  After all, how else could perfect strangers successfully trade with one another millions of times a day?  This is what makes eBay so unique.  but we also know things don’t always go right.  That’s why we created eBay Buyer Protection.  It’s our way of saying, “We’ve got you covered.”

John Donahoe President and CEO, eBay Inc.

The above letter is posted on eBay’s homepage. Consider Donahoe’s letter and the excerpts below.

  • Are people basically good?
  • If they are… why do things sometimes go the wrong way?
  • What is the motivation behind the millions of daily trades… man’s goodness????

“A biblical motivation for studying worldviews should be the same principle that motivates all authentic discipleship: The goal is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all yours soul and with all your mind,” and to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:37-39).  Loving requires knowing the person well.  We nurture love for God by studying a biblical worldview to become more deeply acquainted with his truth, his character, his purpose in history and in our lives.  And we demonstrate a love for others when we study their worldview to get inside their thinking and find ways to connect God’s truth with their innermost concerns and questions.”Saving Leonardo by Nancy Pearcey pg. 18

“Christians should not only know their own playbook, they should also know the other side’s playbook.” – 18

In Total Truth (an earlier work) Pearcey argues that a comprehensive worldview is able to sufficiently answer the following questions:

  1. Where did it all begin?
  2. What went wrong (problem of evil)?
  3. What can we do about what has gone wrong?

Of course we find in Scripture and its story-line (redemptive history) sufficient answers for each of these three questions:

  • Answer to Question 1 – Man was created good-by a good God (Genesis 1-2)
  • Answer to Question 2 – The fall of man (Genesis 3)
  • Answer to Question 3 – Jesus Christ (Genesis 3:15 and following)

(I should say these are very quick answers to huge life-shaping questions that need to be fleshed out.)

Practice/do some worldview thinking (apologetics).

  1. How would Donahoe answer our three worldview questions?
  2. Can you see the inconsistencies in his understanding of people and a Christian anthropology?
  3. Does Donahoe’s belief that “people are basically good” line up with reality?
  4. If you were a close acquaintance of Donahoe how would you help him to see the truth?

For a great little introduction to biblical worldview, the gospel, and how we should respond, check out Greg Gilbert’s What is the Gospel?

You can borrow my copy.

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