Story Time – This Wednesday @ 10:30 – Creation Station

Board Books, Storybook Bibles, Chapter Books, Adventure Books, Church History Books (that are fun), Missionary Biographies, Family Worship Books, Devotional/Bible Study Books (for the young), Picture Books, Parenting Books, lots and lots of  books.

Come and check out some books. Two weeks ago we moved a bunch of books (newly purchased books) from the official church library down to the Creation Station and formed an unofficial children’s ministry church library.

No excuses! this is a very accessible option.  Stop in whenever you like and take home some good reads.

In fact, stop by Wednesday at 10:30 AM for a coffee break.  We’ll have a pot of coffee going for parents and I’ll read some awesome stories to your kids.

If more the 10 parents RSVP in the comments section of this post, we’ll find some snacks (something better than Club Crackers and apple juice); otherwise, just coffee.

In case you missed this article…

How to Raise Boys Who Read – Hint: Not with gross-out books and video-game bribes.

2 comments on “Story Time – This Wednesday @ 10:30 – Creation Station

  1. Josh – we don’t have our plans cemented for Wednesday – are my kiddos too young for this activity. I am really wanting to learn more about reading with the boys. Thanks!

    • Bring them on. All ages are welcome, though I’ll need at least a few parents to stick around depending on how many folks decide to come. It will be laid back and relaxed.

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