This Mornings Sermon

I came across this letter by Nancy Guthrie last week.  The passage Todd quoted from Eric Metaxes biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer brought my thoughts back to it.  It all ties together (at least in my mind).

An Open Letter to My Pastors on Glenn Beck by Nancy Guthrie

(I did the best I could to get most of the quote down as accurately as possible.  I don’t own the book.)

“confusion invariably arises when the christian faith becomes to closely related to a culture or national identity.  For many Germans, their national identity had become so melted together with whatever Lutheran Christian faith they had that it was impossible to see either clearly.  After 400 years of taking for granted that all Germans were Lutheran Christians no one really knew what christianity was anymore.”

I believe Guthrie’s concerns are well-founded and that her opinions are excellently stated.  I’m also grateful that we have a Pastor to whom the letter could be sent.

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