Awana Family Worship Script

Last week we learned about Jesus’ mighty acts as he resist the temptations of Satan (9.22.2010).

Can you imagine what it would be like to be the brother of Jesus?

  • Jesus never did anything wrong
  • Jesus never broke any rules
  • Jesus never did anything to get in trouble

Was Jesus tempted to sin?

Why couldn’t Jesus sin?

  1. Jesus had a job to do…  It was a job that you and I can’t do for ourselves.
  2. Jesus had to come and he had to live a perfect human life of perfect obedience because that’s what God requires.
  3. If Jesus would have sinned even once, he would have failed in his purpose.

But… Was Jesus tempted to sin?

Read: Matthew 4:1-3  – Satan temps Jesus

What do you think Jesus is going to do?

Read: Matthew 4:4 – Does Jesus give in?

Read: Matthew 4:5-6  – Satan temps Jesus a 2nd time

What do you think Jesus is going to do?

Read:  Matthew 4:7  – Does Jesus give in?

Read:  Matthew 4:8-9  – Satan temps Jesus a 3rd time

What do you think Jesus is going to do?

Read:  Matthew 4:10-11  – Does Jesus give in?

Compare Adam and Jesus

  1. Adam saw the fruit with his eyes.
  2. He desired the fruit in his heart
  3. He took the fruit with his hands

What happens next?

  • Adam worships
  • He worships himself.
  • God’s word states clearly… “You shall have no other Gods but me”
  • Adam sees the fruit with his eyes
  • Desires it in his heart
  • Takes it in his hand

And worships his stomach breaking God’s law and inviting sin and death into the world.


  1. Jesus sees the stones with his eyes
  2. Jesus knows he can turn the stones into bread

What does Jesus do next? Jesus worships…

Jesus has come to bring glory to his Father

So he…

  • serves
  • obeys
  • He doesn’t make things easier on himself
  • He sticks to God’s plan

He worships Only his Father doing his father’s will

  • Where Adam fails miserably
  • Christ succeeds magnificently
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