Awana Family Worship Script

Two weeks ago we learned about God’s mighty acts as he leads John to baptize Jesus (9.17.2010).

John the Baptizer in the flesh (puppet flesh) stepped on a few toes while delivering a hard-hitting message on repentance.

Read the sermon and discuss the concluding question.

John the Baptizer:

“You brood of vipers!

Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

Bear fruit! in keeping with repentance.

Do not assume! saying to yourselves, my family goes to church and I go to church, I’m doing good, I do good things and I’m going to be okay because of who I am and because of who my family is.

John the Baptizer:

I say to you….  bear fruit… or your tree will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

I know your kind… you think you are good because you go to church and because you don’t say curse words.

You don’t get in fist fights and you don’t pick on other people.

You think that because you come to Awana, Sunday School, and Children’s church that you are going to be okay.

John the Baptizer:

You are white-washed tombs…. All dressed up on the outside, but filthy and stinky on the inside.

God knows your hearts…

  • God knows when you aren’t listening!
  • God knows when you are bored!
  • God knows when you get mad at your friends!
  • God knows what you are thinking!
  • God knows when you don’t want to be here!

The Scriptures say that our hearts are hostile to God.  We are sinful and have fallen short of God’s standards.  We are natural-born enemies of God.

Are you listening to me?  Are you bored?  Are you thinking about game time… Vipers!

John the Baptizer:

Listen to me… one is coming who is greater and mightier than I.

I won’t even be worthy to tie his shoes.

He will baptize with the Holy Spirit and he will gather up his children to himself…

The rest will be burned up in a lake of fire.

John the Baptizer:

Does that scare you?

It should be very scary.  God is holy and will not let sin go unpunished.  Your sins will not go unpunished.

God is Holy…. Do you know what that means?

God is only and always perfectly right and good at all times.

Is anyone else in the world like God?


You must repent!

  • God made everything.
  • God made you and God made me.
  • God made all the animals.
  • God made everything good.

Adam and Eve, the first people sinned against God… They broke his rules and from the point forward every person to ever live broke God’s rules and they all deserved to be punished

But God promised a savior and God would do anything to get his children back.  He would do anything to rescue his children

Will you continue in your wicked ways, chasing after the things of this world?

Will you continue to spend all your time playing video games and watching tv?

Or will you study God’s word and worship the Creator of all things?

John the Baptizer:


Do you know what that means…? Repent!

Tell me what it means?

Think of the way you live…

  • You are running away from God!
  • Stop running away from God and start running to God
  • Stop breaking God’s law!  Stop doing things that are disrespectful to God!

Start honoring God…..   Start obeying God’s rules.

That’s what it means to repent.

Will you do it?

Do you believe you need help?

Do you understand you can’t do it alone?

Do you know that you need a rescuer?

The rescuer is coming!  Please make your hearts ready for him!

Please get ready because the King is coming!

Repent!!! Repent!!! Repent!!!

Behold!!! the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

Discussion Question:

Why would John call Jesus the lamb of God?

  • John knew the OT…tell story of Abraham and Isaac…God provides the sacrifice
  • John knows that now God is providing the perfect, spotless, righteous lamb of God
  • The perfect sacrifice that would take away the sins of the Lord

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