Awana Parent Update

This semester of Awana is off to a great start.  We have a great group of leaders working with your kids, attendance is up, and God’s word is penetrating the hearts of children.  It is great to be a part of.

Please be aware that we will meet together, October 6, the week of Fall Break.  We will not have Awana as usual, but we will gather together for a special night of fun, food, and fellowship.  The nursery will be open as usual.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to review and clarify a new discipline policy we’ve implemented this Fall:

Third, fourth, and fifth graders must memorize and state at least one verse every two weeks.  If students in 3-5 grade do not memorize and state at least one verse, they will be held out of game time on the second week and asked to study their verses.

Please understand that we are not thumping kids over the head with their bibles or punishing them with God’s word.  We are taking serious the stated purposes of our Awana program and upholding a very reasonable and gracious standard.  Students held back from game-time are given extra one-on-one support and encouragement from a loving adult leader.  This is a time of cheerleading and help, not unlike a school teacher lending extra support to a student struggling in math.

This rule does not apply to our Puggles, Cubbies, or Sparks Clubs.

I will be happy to discuss in greater detail this Awana specific policy with any parent with  further questions.  We are seeking to serve a diverse group of families and recognize that there are a variety of needs and life circumstances represented within the group we minister to.  I believe that the stated policy catches most of our people where they are and is a positive step toward ensuring the success and effectiveness of our Awana program; however, we will continue to work with each child and family individually.  Simply make your needs known.  We are here to love you and your children.

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