Children’s Church Family Worship Scripts

Two weeks ago we learned about… A new beginning (Genesis 6-9)

The lesson focussed on the following points…

  • Man has a very big problem… SIN!
  • God keeps his promises

Think about God’s dealing with Noah.

  • God was offended by man’s sin
  • God loved Noah
  • God led Noah
  • God provided for Noah
  • God protected Noah
  • God saved Noah and all the animals

Who is the story of Noah’s ark really about?

Could Noah have saved himself from the flood?

Can we save ourselves from our big fat sin problem?

This past Sunday we learned of man’s return to sin and the attempt to build… A giant staircase to heaven (Genesis 11)

The lesson focussed on the following points…

  • Man still has a really big problem… SIN!!!
  • Man cannot get to heaven on his own
  • God came down from heaven to save us

The people of Babel wanted to make a name for themselves, but whose name is above all names (loving God)?

The people of Babel were self-centered.  Explain to your child what it means to be others-centered (loving others).

  • Push the grocery cart over to the cart return
  • Pick up someone elses litter
  • Open the car door for someone
  • Don’t cut in line
  • Let someone else hold the remote/pick the channel

Grace to you

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