Christian Parenting is Combat: Albert Mohler

I quoted some statistics at tonight’s Prayer and Praise service. Below I’ve embedded General Session 4 from the Connecting Church and Home Conference.   I’ve also linked a related article that has many of the same statistics included.

Mohler discusses the unique difficulties of parenting in a post-modern age, suggesting parenting is now more difficult than ever.

It would be completely irresponsible to not acknowledge the unique challenges of being a parent in this culture.  There is without a doubt a roaring lion crouching, waiting and wanting to devour our children.  However, to broadly apply a specific standard or rule for technology usage would simply be offensive.  You would hate me and call me a legalist.  Each of you will need to consider the electronic data usage that is Dr. Mohlers address, article, and this blog post, deciding for yourselves what is right for your family.

Dr. Mohler’s article: “Like the Air They Breathe” – The Online Life of Kids

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 comments on “Christian Parenting is Combat: Albert Mohler

  1. It was fun to hang out with you at the conference. I’m not sure I followed everything Dr. Mohler said, but there was a lot of great points.

    I never knew someone could talk that fast on a Saturday afternoon.

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