Did you miss last nights Awana parent meeting?

Here are the notes from last nights meeting, in case you were unable to attend.

“Why Awana?”

At FBC we believe it is the parents primary responsibility to disciple their children.

You’ve heard me say it 1000 times…

  • Parents should make worshiping the true God a priority
  • Parents should cultivate a biblical understanding of love
  • Parents should teach their children a biblical worldview
  • Parents should teach the Bible to their children at home
  • Parents should practice regular family worship

At FBC we want our kids to love Christ and to love others and we believe the responsibility of seeing that become a reality primarily falls to the parent (of course maintaining trust in God through the process).

So… “Why Awana?  Why any program?  Why the Church?”

I’ve borrowed some of the points I just mentioned (above) from a book… Family driven Faith by Voddie Baucham (You can find a review of Family Driven Faith here).

  • A great book.
  • An encouraging book aimed at equipping parents to disciple their kids.
  • Stressing the importance of a Deuteronomy 6 approach to parenting.

However….  I don’t believe the scriptures call us to a Family driven Faith (again great book, I just think the title gets it wrong).

We are to be a church…  a group of Faith-driven families

Parents are called to be the primary disciple-makers of their children, but every one of us needs help.  I’m a sinner, you’re a sinner, and we live in a sinful fallen world.  We will all fall short as parents and disciple-makers at various times.  We need each other.  We need our church.

If we want our kids to love Christ and to love others…

We must own our personal responsibility as disciple-makers, but also recognize God has called us together as a church for right and good reasons.  There are pastors and people at FBC that love you and want to help you teach your children to love Christ and love others.

“Why Awana?”

Awana provides opportunities and materials that should encourage and equip parents for worship in the home, while at the same time, meeting the needs of non-nuclear families through the love, care, and passion of the broader church. Awana is a program that brings pastors, leaders, and mentors into the lives of our children for the purpose of discipleship and evangelism.  It is a program that each week asks us to be the church.

2010-2011 Awana Parent Handbook Cliffsnotes:

Awana Begins August 25
Puggles and Cubbies report to the Creation Station
Sparks and T&T Clubs report to Upstreet Theater
Children must wear their uniforms each week
Awana begins at 5:45 and ends at 7:15

Each week Awana will consist of:

  • Counsel Time
  • Handbook Time
  • Game Time – make sure your child wears proper shoes for running and playing

For further details please request an Awana Parent Handbook.

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