What did You Expect

Helpful thoughts from ch. 1

Expect the expected…

You are conducting your marriage in a fallen world

“Our marriages live in the middle of a world that does not function as God intended.  Somehow, someway, your marriage is touched every day by the brokenness of our world.” – page 21

You are a sinner married to a sinner

“At some point you will be selfish.  In some situation you will speak unkindly.  There will  be moments of jealousy, bitterness, and conflict.  You will not avoid this because you are a sinner and you are married to a sinner.  If you minimize the heart struggle that  both of you have carried into marriage, here’s what will happen:  You will tend to turn moments of ministry into moments of anger. When your ears hear and your eyes see the sin, weakness or failure of your husband or wife, it is never an accident; it is always grace.  God loves your spouse, and he is committed to transforming him or her by his grace, and he has chosen you to be one of his regular tools of change.  So, he will cause you to see, hear, and experience your spouse’s need for change so that you can be an agent of his rescue.” – page 23-24

God is faithful, powerful, and willing

“So, when you are sinned against or when the fallen world breaks your door down, don’t lash out or run away.  Stand in your weakness and confusion and say, “I am not alone.  God is with me, and he is faithful, powerful, and willing.”  – page 26

“Realism is found at the intersection of unabashed honesty and uncompromising hope.  God’s Word and God’s grace make both possible in your marriage.” – 26

“Are your expectations for marriage realistic?” – 26

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