Children’s Church

I received a great Children’s Church report from last week.  Please thank the Children’s Church Team and especially substitute teacher Jeremy Goodman for their leadership.  Jeremy presented the Bible study while I was away this past Sunday.

Last week we learned about… The Terrible Lie.  The lesson focussed on the following points…

  • God gave Adam and Eve one rule
  • Adam and Eve disobeyed God
  • God would still love Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve lose everything because they disobey God.  Think about how God requires obedience from his creatures.

  • Discuss recent temptations members of your family have faced.
  • What things do you and your children do that show you have a sinful nature.
  • Think about God’s authority as creator.  He doesn’t ask for obedience; he requires it.

Remember…   Each child was given a key ring with a memory verse on it.  Please help them memorize the verse and make sure they bring their ring back this week to receive the next verse card.

Last weeks verse was…   Matthew 6:24 – No one can serve two masters.

This weeks story will be…    A New Beginning

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